Day dreaming: Hololens and AX

So WPC2016 is currently happening and I noticed that Microsoft did a very large bit on Hololens. I really think that it is an exciting product in general, but is it interesting in an ERP perspective? I’m trying to come up with some scenarios where it could be nice to utilize Hololens with AX and there are some ideas I believe that someone might want to create.


There are many things that could be done around planning, but that is not object oriented and does not really show the best use of AR. If it is just a virtual display with data, then VR could just as easily been used. So these are some scenarios I see fit for using Hololens with data from AX.

  1. Warehouse management

    Extensive tagging of items and locations with QR codes that can be identified by the Hololens would be required.

    1. Picking

      I guess pick-by-voice is the obvious choice here, but the Hololens is smart and could go beyond any other solution that I’ve seen available
      The available picking jobs are shown with information on the job like quantity, weight, picking time and so on. Then either by voice or by air tapping the job is selected and starts. A snapped display of route and current location is shown in the display like a HUD. The camera scans for location indicators on shelves and/or items (QR codes) and knows where you are and simply gives you the quantity to pick by showing a quantity to pick or telling you. The user confirms the pick by voice or air tapping the QR code on the shelf for confirmation.

    2. Inventory status

      Air tap the QR code for the location or item and it shows a Power BI card on the status shelf or product. Then click the card to get even more data on the transaction flow/alternative locations and so on. Like shown in the video from the Power BI App

  2. Manufacturing

    1. Machine data and statuses

      Display graphics from your machine IoT sensors directly on the machine itself along side current job description and progress.

    2. Executing jobs

      Get a list of your jobs and drop them to a box on the machine to start it. Integration with AX and the machine can automate things like settings machine parameters and other information directly from AX based on data stored on the item or production order.
      The users can see progress in machine vs. estimated time in AX ++

    3. Custom production orders

      Drawings and product designs can be displayed in 3D from the item in AX with measurements and specs along side the production order estimated time and elapsed time on the task. A Skype link to the engineer or sales peson is available so the person can do Live assistance if needed (Like the plumber demo)


Do you have any visions for Hololens and AX working together? Please leave a comment! 🙂

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