Dynamics Podcast site (Audio)

The Dynamics podcast just got its own site. We will distribute Audio versions of the podcast through this, resulting in it very soon being available on aggregated podcast sites. ITunes is currently pending, but I expect it to be up and running by this week.

Video version will still be published through Youtube.
The show is recorded bi-weekly on Mondays and we are also going to live stream it in the near future.

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Happy new year 2015/2016

It has been a long year for us working with Microsoft Dynamics AX. The Microsoft team has been busy working on the next version and we have been waiting in anticipation. Along the way there has been some events and I wanted to just list a few of my highlights. Please feel free to comment with your highlights and anything I’ve missed out on.

Release of AX 7 (Technical preview)

The release of the new AX is enormes! AX as a service, the new HTML 5 interface, general platform improvements and the opportunities and edge this as AX users and provider gives us.
I can’t wait to get started!

Life Cycle Services 2.0


Life Cycle Services (LCS) has been in the makings for quite a while, but it was in 2015 it really took shape and became the tool we where looking for.

The tools available is very useful and give great insight into statuses, features and other stuff you didn’t even know was there as well as keeping tabs on project progress, support issues (both your own and every one else), business processes, licensing and so much more.

The hotfix solution where you kan pick individual hotfixes and package them together is a great tool for technical consultants.

The Azure integration is just amazing and provide a quick solution both for development, debugging, testing and more.

The new version of seems to be even more integrated with LCS and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes in LCS in 2016.

It is awesome to be able to collaborate with co-workers, other partners and customers in this tool that serves as the hub for the customer solution.

Release of AX 2012 R3 CU9

Though not a very large improvement in contrast to the to the AX 2012 CU8 update, it marked the final feature set of the next AX version.

That meant that we could do potential upgrade scenarios and actually already at this point map out a solution map for the customers.

New man on top

Microsoft had a major reorganization of many key divisions and the Dynamics division has been moved under Cloud and Enterprise (Nadellas division before he was CEO), which makes perfect sense.

Kirill Tatarinov left the helm (sad to see him go) and Scott Guthrie is now the main man. Christian Pettersen is still in charge of AX.

I believe that this will in the future be a BIG benefit for the Dynamics solutions as the strategy of the technology developed for Cloud and Enterprise now will take Dynamics in to account at the get-go instead of being an afterthought.

On a personal note…

I decided to start sharing more of my knowledge and did a blog series on Time and Attendance which has been a great success. A lot of hits though out the year all over the world. Great fun!


Looking forward to the new year and hope to see you back here! 🙂


Videos from Convergence 2015

If you missed out on going to Microsofts Convergence EMEA 2015, which is the annual conference where Microsoft and their partners gather to talk about Dynamics, you can always go to the Virtual Convergence afterwards and view a lot of videos to get up to speed.

Microsoft regularly updates their video libraries shortly after the conferences are held and you can bask yourself in a lot of new material.

Visit this site to view them all:

Here are the videos regarding AX (EMEA 2015):