The Gude to Time and Attendance and Manufacturing Execution.

  1. Getting started
  2. General parameters
  3. Basic concepts
  4. Time profiles
  5. Absence setup
  6. Indirect activities
  7. Pay agreements
  8. Pay Agreement Configurations
  9. Worker setup
  10. Job registration
  11. Job card terminal
  12. Job card device
  13. Calculating
  14. Approve registrations
  15. Planned absence
  16. Switch codes
  17. Payroll transfer and export
  18. Flex time setup
  19. Flex time profile setup
  20. Flex time administration
  21. Profile calendar
  22. Work planner
  23. Profile group profile relations
  24. Manufacturing execution setup
  25. Payroll statistical groups
  26. Supervisor options
  27. Teams and assistant
  28. Document groups
  29. Electronic timecards

77 thoughts on “Time and attendance – AX 7

  1. This is an amazing blog series! Do you know how do I activate touch screen terminals on new ax (operations)?

  2. To use Time and Attendance you need to use either Projects or MES jobs, is that a correct statement? Can you use time and attendance to gather all employees time to submit for a paycheck without implementing Payroll module as well?

      1. Thanks for the quick reply, Seems when I create a timesheet in the Employee Portal it requires a Project.

  3. It will require a job to enter electronic time cards. Running the Time and attendance wizard will create these, but the experience isn’t very good for manual entry. The time stamp experience is preferred.
    Also be aware that there is a time sheet in the Project solution, so if you don’t see “job”, but only “Project” and “Activity” you are on the wrong form.

  4. Using limited navigation on job registration terminal. I have tried to set ‘&limitednav=true’ in the end of the url, as you write. But I get an unexpected error.
    Have tried in two different environments.

    1. That is odd… It should work. You would need to have the first URL parameters still present like “[URL]/?cmp=DAT&mi=salestable”…
      Could you write everything that is in the URL after the question mark?

  5. From a user perspective, how would i got about to maybe get a simple powerbi to extract information about current status on clock in/out, if the flex calculation has been done, how many holidays i have, and how many are spent, what are my current flex status etc…

    this way i can publish a powerbi to my workspace, and have a simple overview over basic details, how many hours i worked this week, this month etc… Or put it on the dahsboard of D365..

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  7. Hi Fredrik. Thanks for a comprehensive T&A guides. Can I use the team and assistant features using the Job card device instead of the Job terminal? Or at least combination of them? Thanks

  8. I try to find the answer for some simple questions but I can’t find the answers anywhere..

    1. We are planning to use T & A from D365, let say there are 3 machines where we need the workers (not alway the same person) to check in when starting production, do we need 3 full licenses and use a user account for each machine ?
    2. When using the App for Warehousing from D365, you don’t need to login with your Azure account but with an API key and such, is there a Way to use T & A whithout first the users need to login on an (Windows) system ?

  9. Is it possible to log out the current employees from the production jobs somehow?
    In our UAT I think multiple people have been doing testing on the same jobs is confusing the system and causing some chaos. Try and complete or stop on a job but it gives an error.
    Message – “You are currently registered on other job(s). You need to report feedback on these before commencing on new jobs.”
    Error –
    “An error occurred while processing the job.”
    “You have to select Stopped or Completed for all jobs”

    Appreciate help if easy way to do this.


  10. Hola, yo tengo una duda, cuando coloco el id de tarjeta, me muestra el siguiente error;
    “El terminal no está configurado para su uso. Póngase en contacto con el administrador del sistema”.

    Al principio creí que era por alguna configuración en parámetros pero no, les agradecería su ayuda

  11. Fredrik, do you mind to explain in more details the functionality of the Minutes, Rounding form, and Round-off fields on the Pay agreement setup? We have a requirement to round all clock-ins to nearest 15 minutes, not sure how to accomplish that.

  12. Hi, i cannot seem to use the break function in POS, it keeps on giving me this error ‘

      1. My Activity ID is ‘DailyBrk’, Activity is ‘Break’, Job identification is ‘za-000018’, Category is ‘Breaks’, Job type is ‘Break’

  13. Hi Fredrik!

    Is there any way to limit which indirect activities that can be seen for a worker when clocking in? F.ex. Workers in Division A use indirect activities 1-5, workers in Division B shall only use indirect activities from 6-10. When clocking in, using Configuration Indirect activities, the workers in division A, shall not se indirect activities 6-10.

  14. This wonderful blog is addressing topic in detail.Here the tips and tricks for addressing such are mentioned. Such content must be made more and more available. Thank you for this article! This is really very informative.

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