As I had a great deal of success with my series on AX 2012 I will start on a new series using Time and Attendance for AX 7.

  1. Getting started
  2. General parameters
  3. Basic concepts
  4. Time profiles
  5. Absence setup
  6. Indirect activities
  7. Pay agreements
  8. Pay Agreement Configurations
  9. Worker setup
  10. Job registration
  11. Job card terminal
  12. Job card device
  13. Calculating
  14. Approve registrations
  15. Planned absence
  16. Switch codes
  17. Payroll transfer and export
  18. Flex time setup
  19. Flex time profile setup
  20. Flex time administration
  21. Profile calendar
  22. Work planner
  23. Profile group profile relations
  24. Manufacturing execution setup
  25. Payroll statistical groups
  26. Supervisor options
  27. Teams and assistant
  28. Document groups
  29. Electronic timecards

55 thoughts on “Time and attendance – AX 7

  1. This is an amazing blog series! Do you know how do I activate touch screen terminals on new ax (operations)?

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