I’m a married, proud father of two, situated just outside beautiful Bergen, Norway.


I work as a Microsoft Dynamics AX consultant for Axdata, and I have a great passion for making Technology work for us, and make us more efficient and informed.

Since my childhood I’ve always been interested in computers and how stuff works. I coded my first line of code on a Commodore 64 and was fascinated by the reach and possibilities of the internet as early as the beginning of 1990’s.

My educational background is within computer science on the technical side of things, and I have a degree as a technician for “computer and office machine repair”.

I worked as an apprentice at the University of Bergen, and got deeper into web development. Luckily I had a very forward thinking mentor that gave me the freedom to explore many different options within that field.

After my education I worked for a couple of years within telecommunication sales, and found out along the way that I enjoyed improving business processes. For a while I ran a company doing web development, before my friend recruited me to work for a Microsoft Dynamics AX consultant company in 2008.

Since then I’ve been working on a wide variety of implementation projects within the manufacturing industry, with focus on the operational and supply chain aspects.

In 2016 I was awarded MVP for Dynamics AX from Microsoft.

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