Get Certified for Dynamics AX (7)


If you browse to the Microsoft Learning portal you can find an assortment of Dynamics AX exams. Most are for AX 2012 (Version 6), but some courses are available for Version 7 already. If you look at the certification library, it shows two courses now. Financials and Development introduction are available, but I also was able to find distribution & trade by trying some URLs.

There are a lot of information on these pages, but the one I found interesting was the “Preparation options”. You can go to Dynamics Learning Portal and take the required material through watching instructor led videos. Which for me personally is AWESOME!

To get access to the Dynamics Learning Portal, which is a part of the Microsoft Extranet AKA Partner Portal, you have to ba a certified partner. If you are… Then good on ya. Go train and get certified!
If not… Take a look at this site: Dynamics ERP Partner.

I would love to try to take the exam directly as it should be similar to the AX 2012, but the is no free second chance at the moment and I wouldn’t want to waste the company money. So now I just have to run through these videos and I’m set for my exam.

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