Gamify the work. GAME ON!

KPIs are well and good. Competing with ones goals are one thing, but wouldn’t it be awesome if a social thing got your sellers to think their every work day was great fun? I have had such an experience myself. #STORYMODE


In my early years (before my ERP consulting days) I worked as a sales person in a store that sold telecommunication equipment. It was a very small store (Kiosk) and we did work pretty much on our own all day long. There were several stores in the area and we did compete together on sales. There were no common ERP solution used, so statistics where something that came once every x interval. I talked to the owner and we though up a way to report more directly and we hired someone to do the development of an intranett. I was kind of the architect behind it and came up with some cool stuff that really boosted the sales and had an amazing impact on the focus of each individual.

The idea was to create a webpage where we could report sales of different types of focus products. I thought that once authentication and the data was in place a chat would be pretty easy to implement as well, so we did that. As we all worked separately we suddenly had a place to talk in public to each other… Today that is pretty common. However the smart thing we did was that we also posted an update to the chat when some sales was done. It was a GREAT success… Sales multiplied by an order of magnitude and the boss mann could easily swap focus by changing game products and rules.

The experience I gained from this was that a social setting with healthy competitive statistics that is fairly compensated can be a massive motivator. With AX this could be really simple and have a great impact, but make sure that you keep it healthy and that maybe the bottom staff gets heavy hearted. One way to remove a negative focus is to only show the topp x sellers and show a personal ranking if anyone is below. In any case it will incentivise some of the sellers while others might not reach this goal.

Some ideas to make this work:

  1. Keep it localized
    If your company is spread across multiple locations you would like to have the competition within a local area to focus the competition. You can have a country wide selling competition, but then also get focus on a sales person vs. sales person, store vs. store and branch vs. branch going within a limited area if you have a lot of participants… Best would be if the participants of an area could meet socially without traveling too far.
  2. Weighting
    Try giving a weighted scoring if you have a big variation in results or create leagues.
  3. Scoring
    You can score different products to gain and adjust focus.
  4. Socialize it
    Automate updates to a feed that is easily accessible to the users. Chatting apps like HipChat or Slack are great, but a feed directly in AX or a SharePoint site would also be good.
  5. Incentivise
    Money talks… Getting paid is great, but achievements are also good. 🙂 Create a badge solution where the persons are awarded e-badges that are associated with their profile. It does require some more development, but might be a nice incentive.
  6. Surprise elements
    Some goals could be to sell a specific product first or be the closest to the “magic sum” for an invoice. Like a lottery… The though is to involve everyone.



How easy is it to create such a dashboard? Almost too easy, so it is probably time you got started. Here are some metrics you might want to consider. (Yes… They are pretty standard and some might need more data then standard)

  1. Sales organization
    1. Most sales of focus products
    2. Best revenue
    3. Best growth pr. period
    4. Fastest closing time (Quote to Order)
    5. Highest success ratio (Quote vs. Order)
  2. Warehouse organization
    1. Most picks
    2. Fastest picks
    3. Best quality
    4. Longest hours
  3. Manufacturing organization
    1. Best product quality
    2. Fastest production time
    3. Closest to estimates
    4. Longest hours
  4. Project organization
    1. Best times
    2. Best estimator/budgeting
    3. Fewest complaints
    4. Best satisfaction

What do you think? Any good measures to compete with? Leave a comment or respond on Twitter.

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