AX7 T&A: Profile calendar

The profile calendar is used to make planned changes to the default profile that is used for calculation. When doing the profile calculation the system checks the Profile calendar to override the default profile and this is loaded as the profile for that journal. So you can predetermine the profile that the user is going to have at calculation by creating a record in the profile calendar table. You can set this up for special work days that deviate from the standard work hours, but it is also a very nice tool to handle complex profiles where the profile changes from week to week. Go to Time and Attendance > Time Profiles > Profile Calendar to add new records.


You can do changes for entire profile groups or for all workers as well by changing the Profile calendar code column to Group or All. Use special day column to trigger the special day in the pay agreement. For instance if a Monday is Christmas Day and if someone comes in and does work, they will get the special day Pay agreement instead of a Monday.

Since one record is only referred to one day it takes a while to input a whole week manually. You can easily create this by using the Compose function.


You can also copy an interval for instance if one week is day-shift and one week is night-shift, then this fortnight can be multiplied as many times as you want. You do this by using the Copy interval function.


There is a great graphical tool for handling profile calendar which is called job planner. I will look into that next.

Go to the AX 7 – Time and Attendance guide page

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