AX7 T&A: Flex time administration

All the menu items for handling flex for a worker is located on the workers form (Human Resources > Workers > Workers)


Flex: Recalculate the workers flex balance.

Opening flex balance: You can set the Opening Flex balance of a worker if the worker already had some time built up at implementation or as a transfer from another company.

Flex balance: Shows an overview of the workers flex account balance chronologically through time. A new record is put in to this table each time the user has a flex transaction at calculation and the flex balance is recalculated.


You can do adjustments manually by clicking Flex correction


You can also post payroll transactions in the same correction. A good example is that you can replace overtime with flex time.

This flex correction can also be performed by the system.
The balance for a worker can exceed the limits of the Flex group settings.


Some just want to report on the issue and make sure that the users get back within the limits them selves or you can run the flex correction job to reduce or increase the balance for the user like the manual example above.
Based on the flex group settings you can replace these with pay types for each flex time unit adjusted. This is configured in the flex group.

The periodic job is found at Time and Attendance > Manage flex time > Adjust flex balance.


The system looks at the Correction date and adjusts the Flex balance to the Max or Min flex time allowed in the flex profile the worker is associated with.

Worker account balance:
The worker can check their flex account balance in the Job card terminal in the Status fact box.



Go to the AX 7 – Time and Attendance guide page


5 thoughts on “AX7 T&A: Flex time administration

  1. Hi Fredrik,

    Thanks for the information regarding the Time and attendance setup. I have a question regarding the flex setup.
    I have a customer that need to be able to see the worker specific flex balance before login in and “Clock in”. Depending on flex balance the worker can decide on what to punch when doing the Clock in. Something you have seen?

    1. I haven’t seen it and it isn’t possible within the standard solution either.
      However you might consider using switch codes to inform the pay agreements about how they want this to work. That means that the worker will take a decision on what they want after they are stamped in. The switch code is then used as a delimiter on the pay agreement to affect the desired function of the users clock in and flex time.

  2. Thanks Fredrik for the reply. I will look into what the switch codes can do in this case.

    Another question, I have noticed that the flex hours are only updating to the customer form after the Transfer is done when doing the calculate, approve and transfer. Using the “Recalculate flex balance” do not help me in this case. The customer I currently is helping are creating the base for the payroll once a month, which makes the flex hours only updating once a month. Have you seen any workaround for this?

  3. Hi Fredrik,
    I faced a problem that says, NST000045 is an invalid job ID. I have to delete it from jmgJobTable manually, but I couldn’t find jmgJobTable.
    how to open jmgJobTable?

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