AX7 T&A: Work planner

Work planner is an excellent tools to handle your workers profiles over time and work efficiently with the profile calendar. It basically is a visual representation and painting tool (Yes…) of your profile calendar and the reason why you want to have some logical coloring of your profile settings.

This solution was in CTP8, but was deprecated in the RTW! However it is still in there in the code. It is just the menu item that is not included. Find the JmgWorkPlanner form and add create a menu item so you can call it from the browser.

My customers use it to do shift planning and make those off-weekly-work-profiles work (like someone having half day two days a week, but not the same days next week and free every third Friday after a full moon and such). To set this up you need to add a color to you profile. Check out my earlier post on time profile configuration for more info.

Using the Work planner:
You find the Work planner at Time & Attendance > Work planner.

When the form opens it gathers all the data from the profile calendar and creates an overview in the form.

Right area of the form:
There are two panes:

  • “Period” is one row per user
  • “Profile Group” has a section for all and a section with rows per profile group.

You can filter based on calculation group and/or approval group. The Display options are layered and shows the profiles in the way the profile calendar is queried from the Time Journal creation. You can activate them at will by clicking the check boxes. “Overlay” will show the profile group and all, Standard profile is the default profile on the workers employee settings and then you have “planned absence”.
The absence can be shown and you can pick the color it shows in the grid.

One layer overrides the other:
1. Absence
2. Profile calendar: User
3. Profile calendar: Group
4. Profile calendar: All
5. Default Profile

Left area of the form:
Here you can pick the date interval for the form and clicking “show weekends” gives a grey color on Saturdays and Sundays. The Profiles are listed and shows in the color as set on the profile. You can filter down the profiles by using the profile group. These will then show only the profiles in the profiles relations for this group.

Select one of the profiles in the list by clicking it and then draw these profiles on the dates for each user or group/all based on the pane you’re on.

Check the clear profile and draw if you want to delete/remove.

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The Profile group pane looks like this:


After you’ve finished you’re work planning. Click “Save” in the top menu and the profile calendar is updated with the new data.

Have fun!



Go to the AX 7 – Time and Attendance guide page

5 thoughts on “AX7 T&A: Work planner

    1. Sad to report that this has been removed due to issues with getting it to follow the new form patterns.
      I am actively working on getting this back in through the T&A team.

  1. Fredrik – Has this been added back into AX7? I’m putting together training materials and need to know if I should include this functionality. Thanks.

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