AX7: Storing queries in the URL

In earlier versions of AX you could store queries you did in forms and then add them to favorites to be just one click away from a filtered form.
Did you know that you can do the same thing in AX7?

Here is how:

First you need to activate a parameter on your user options called “URL Manipulation” (User options > Preferences > Miscellaneous > URL Manipulation)


This will, when you do a form query, add the “q” parameter to your URL. The data is an encoded string representing the query.

This is  an example of a query for Account numbers starting with US in the “All customers” (CustTableListPage) form:


Resulting in the following URL:



Opening the URL directly will open with the specified filters.

It does open it in the details form which I don’t know the reason for.

This is result of opening the URL …
… and the filters are there.


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