AX7 T&A: Absence setup

Absence registration can be done by the time registration users them selves. If the clock-in or clock-out does not match the expected user profile, the user is prompted with an absence dialogue and can register either the reason why they are late or the reason why they are early.

In 2012 there where several separate ways to handle absence. Which I talked about in this post: Two (three) different absence solutions in AX? I suspect there are some improvements as there seems to be a parameter missing concerning this interaction in the general parameters that are missing.

To configure this go to Time and attendance > Setup > Groups > Absence Groups.


Create the groups with payroll in mind. For instance paid, unpaid, vacation and so on. This can make the payroll setup easier later.

After creating groups you need to create the codes. Click Absence codes in the menu.


Make it available for the time registration user:
The setup for absence codes are the reasons for why the employee is not present. Not all the codes are natural to have in the terminal Interface. To make them available. Set “Registration” to “Yes” under Time and attendance fasttab.

The icons are embedded resources in 2012, but I’m not sure how you find them in AX7. I’ll figure it out and replace this paragraph on how to do it.

Continued or not:
The parameter “Continue absence” determines if the absence code should be active until next clock-in by the user (“Yes”) or only until the next expected clock in stated in the profile (“No”).

Post pay types:
If you want to make the absence post a pay type to payroll you can add a pay type to the record as well. You can do it here if it is the rule for all employees. If they differ for some employees you can do this in the pay agreement setup later.

Absence method:
For absence like Vacation that should result in a full day. You set the “Days” parameter to 1. You might be tempted to try out the Hour/Day toggle in “Method”, but that only works with the Human resources type of absence. Keep it to hour.

All done!

Now… Try clocking outside the expected profile times and see the nice interface pop up.


Go to the AX 7 – Time and Attendance guide page

One thought on “AX7 T&A: Absence setup

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the Blog, it is really helpful. However, the absence codes don’t show up for me. I registered them as you describe and I am clock in and out outside of the given Profil. Any idea why?


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