AX7 – Default dashboard

The default dashboard is what you end up on when you click the Dynamics AX icon in the top right corner or go to Common > Common > Default dashboard.


It has a banner on top that is set for configurable for each company with the company name printed on it.

There are three subsections: Left, middle (biggest) and right.

The left section contains a calendar with todays date circled and your session date showing. By selecting a date you’re prompted with a dialogue to change session dates.


Below the calendar are two groups with your menu favorites and recent menu items showing.

The center section is a view of the Work spaces. Each work space has a very nice little picture next to it to make it easier to find what you want.


The right section has a list of your work tasks.

I believe that this is a configurable dashboard and can be configured. But I like the ease of use and overview it gives.

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