AX7 – The Menu

Microsoft is redesigning the menus. The Hamburger-menu is now the key to open all menu items.

From the top in the main menu you’ll see All workspaces, Favorites and Recent. The latter (Recent) being a welcome addition as this is kind of a “free” favorites menu that you don’t have to maintain.

Under that you’ll see all the grouping that you’re confortable with like Accounts Payable or General ledger.

The new menus in Microsoft Dynamics AX “7” has been transformed and is moving away from the old static paradigme with Common, Journals, Reports, Inquiries, Periodic, Setup and is redesigning them to fit more with actual processes within the different “Modules”/Top menus. Grouping and dividing the old menu items into new menu groupings like multiple setup menus.


Even if it is all moved around I found it very simple to work with and if I ever missed something or wondered where it had all gone; I simply used the metadata search in the top of the menu which works perfectly.



5 thoughts on “AX7 – The Menu

  1. To be honest I kind of liked the “static” Common, Journals, Reports, Inquiries, Periodic, Setup. Made you think whether it is something you do on a daily basis (Common),whether it is just something you want to look at (Reports / Inquiries) or something you do now and then or schedule to run periodically.
    But I guess end users don’t really think in that way, so maybe this new approach is good.

    1. I agree. I liked the old way as well, but some things simply didn’t fall in to these categories. Most prominent the Job Registration which really was a common task, but was put under periodic.
      I’ve looked through the menus to try and find the most used items and I can find them all with ease. So I like the new items even better.

      1. what would be really cool is something like in Chrome settings (try it) where you just start typing what you are looking for and the menus are filtered down on the fly and the keyword you are typing is highlighted in each menu item.

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