Time and Attendance (Part 7/31): Pay agreements

Pay agreements are the settings for what pay types should be generated based on the registrations, profile and calculation parameters.

Pay types:
First you have to create the Pay Types that are to be exported. If the ID in AX differs from ID in the external payroll system you can enter External Pay Type to translate the paytype to the correct type. You can also have to pay types in AX become have the same External pay type.

Pay agreements:
The pay agreements are a header/line type of configuration. I try to keep as few pay agreements as possible. Preferably only one. I rather use delimitations to restrict for each employee grouping within the same pay agreement. The reason for this is that if you need to apply a new rule for everyone you just need to do it once.

You need to put in a valid period in the header to be able to use the pay agreement.


Pay agreement lines:
Keep in mind that the registered time and the profile limit the range of the payment type. So entering records should be taking in to account and cover all the different profiles. In the example below the pay type 1201 is generated for all standard time being triggered.


There is a section for filtering each wage type. The relation between these and transactions from the profile calculation is set in the calculation parameters. Keep in mind that as a part of the standard configuration; overtime also triggers standard time. If you don’t want to do this, you can change this in the calculation paramters (Human Resources > Setup > Time and attendance > Calculation parameters).

The pay agreement lines has a day by day setup as well as a “Special day” for types like Public holidays and so on.

Pay agreement lines delimitations:


As you can see there is a wide range of delimitations you can do and I’ll run through what I normally do in my next blogpost.

Time and Attendance (Part 08/31): Pay agreements Delimitation

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