Time and Attendance (Part 5/31): Absence setup

Absence registration can be done by the time registration users them selves. If the clock-in or clock-out does not match the expected user profile, the user is prompted with an absence dialogue and can register either the reason why they are late or the reason why they are early.

To configure this go to Human Resources > Setup > Time and attendance > Groups > Absence Groups.

AX2012 Absence Groups

Create the groups with payroll in mind. For instance paid, unpaid, vacation and so on. This can make the payroll setup easier later.

After creating groups you need to create the codes

AX2012 Absence Code

Make it available for the time registration user:
The setup for absence codes are the reasons for why the employee is not present. Not all the codes are natural to have in the terminal Interface. To make them available. Tick the “Registration” checkbox under Time and attendance fasttab.

Add colors to the terminal dialogue buttons by selecting the text and background color. You can make it even prettier by adding an iconId to the Icon Box. You can find an overview of the standard icons for AX by going to the Developer Interface (CTRL + D) and go to Tools and Embedded Resources.


Find the iconID by browsing the list and add it to the field in the Absence code form.

Continued or not:
The parameter “Continue absence” determens if the absence code should be active untill next clock-in by the user (Checkbox:true) or only untill the next expected clock in stated in the profile (Checkbox:false).

Post paytypes:
If you want to make the absence post a paytype to payroll you can add a paytype to the record as well. You can do it here if it is the rule for all employees. If they differ for some employees you can do this in the pay agreement setup later.
You can toggle if the absence is a standard day or only hour by hour. This will also affect the pay transfer. If set to day this will only transfer 1 for each day.

Try clocking outside the expected times and see the nice interface pop up.

Time and Attendance (Part 06/31): Indirect activities

12 thoughts on “Time and Attendance (Part 5/31): Absence setup

  1. Question — I would prefer that the users themselves do not enter in their absence reason when clocking in. Is there a parameter in AX that I can set to prevent the users from keying in their own absence codes?

      1. To clarify — I will still be using absence codes when calculating, approving time to Prod. orders but I don’t the warehouse workers being prompted to enter in their absence reason code when clocking in outside of their specified working hours.

        Could you specify what exactly you mean by dont activate any of the absence codes?

        Thank you!

  2. Hi,
    In calculation parameters we can make a setup of :Working time, Legal absense, Illegal absence etc.
    How can I link a abcence code to be a Legal or a Illegal absence?
    “Skoft” for instance is Illegal, “Permisjon med lønn” is Legal

    1. Hei Einar,

      I’ve wondered about this my self and haven’t tried it out yet. Normally I just give the worker pay for legal absence and nothing for illegal absence codes. I have never been able to trigger the calculation group “illegal absence” trigger…
      However… According to the AX 2012 documentation Illegal absence calculation is based on:

      The worker is not at work, but the selected absence group deducts hours from the worker’s overtime balance. However, the flexible hours balance is not reduced.

      For example, this registration type can be used if the worker is late for work but plans to work additional hours the same day or another day in the week, if that is permitted.

      Ref: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa496784.aspx

      So maybe activating the “Deduct overtime” on the absence group will induce this effect.

  3. Hello,
    I’m not able to get the prompt to choose the absence code when my user register (clock in / clock out) late according to his profil. Register is check everywhere (group/code), and I use the standard profil Day (Day Shift) for my worker. So it 3 pm and the clock in is early in the morning, I should have a prompt.
    I have to add the absence code after calculation, which I don’t want.
    So I wondering what I have missed ?

  4. I’ve tried to setup a simple one profil: only click in and clock out. Without any flex time -> does not work. I also tried with the “day” profile available in the Contoso but same results.
    It’s strange because it seems very easy to setup.

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