Time and Attendance (Part 3/31): The Basic consepts


When I planned this series I thought it would be a light and high level, but this specific post is a bit deeper. As with all modules in AX it is important to know what is going on under the bonnet to fully understand the processes and opportunities. So let me try to sum it all up for you. You might want to go back to this as a reference post for all the other posts later on.


Data input:
Time and attendance uses jobs to that it registeres in raw registrations at the time of input from the user. It creates multiple jobs for each production operation depending on the settings, a job for each project and project activity, a job for each indirect activity and absence code and absence group.

Calculating work times:
When the person doing the calculation/approval opens the profile day for control of the hours the system creates the time journal header and time journal transactions based on the raw registrations. The journal can be changed. It can also be reverted back to it’s original transactions by importing the raw registration transactions again. The system require absence to be identified at calculation.

Calculating parameters and Pay agreements:
The pay agreements are used to set the base for what pay types that will be generated.
After the work times are calculated and approved it runs through the calculation paramters where the profile types corrosponding with the raw registrations generate pay agreement types based on the calculation parameter settings and pay agreements.


After calculating and approving the user will transfer the journals. This results in the lines being removed from the view of the user and pay types being locked in. These can later be exported to an external payroll system and the pay type transactions will be flagged as exported.

At the time of transfer the production orders and projects will get hours amended in the time journals posted as descrepencies in new route cards/Job Cards and Hour journals.

And that’s the basic process for time registration in AX.

Time and Attendance (Part 04/31): Profile setup

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