Time and attendance (Part 2/31): General parameters

My standard setup is the following:


I leave the “auto insert flex/absence” option blank because this normally sat to the person calculating the hours.

Password and Badge Id I some times use. This is set up on the employee settings (Human Resources > Common > Workers > Time registration workers | Employment > Time Registration).


If password is active you have to enter a password at login, but you can keep it empty and only enter a password for supervisors for instance.

If the employee number sequence is not good for the login purpose, I use the badge ID for authentication.

The reason to use centihours for “time presentation” is because this is the same as in manufacturing routes. If not the 60-minute hours would be a better Choice.

The workers go back to the same work as the day before and working with the same teams (if used), so the “permanent teams” and “restart at clock-in” is active.

Job table sync is online, released orders are dropped to the shop floor instantly.

The registration error mode is sat to prohibit because discrepencies has to be controlled. If a user has a record posted at a time after the time stamp time the system will prohibit the user action.

Get time from server, so the system doesn’t use the local computer time.

Barcode settings has to have a barcode type that has enought caracters.

Max work minutes are set and automatic clock out is set to limit the time registered if the user forget to clock out.

If no input is done the terminal resets.

Inventory adjustment journals should have a special journal name, so you know what is posted from the shop floor.

Also set the Payroll file name and path.


Time and Attendance (Part 03/31): The Basic concepts

4 thoughts on “Time and attendance (Part 2/31): General parameters

  1. Dear Fredrik, could you explain in more details what exactly is regulated by the parameter “Ŗegistration error mode”? How system behaves when it is set to “Prohibit” and which discrepancies become “visible”?

    “If a user has a record posted at a time after the time stamp time the system will prohibit the user action.” – does this mean that user can`t make any registrations after he was clocked out?

    Thank you in advance!

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