Resource feasibility

As AX 2012 has a great new way to maintain resource requirements, it can be daunting to keep up with the fact that your resource requirements might not always result in a match with a resource. To handle this we have now the “Route feasibility form” that is used to review this.

You can review each operation in a route by clicking Ax2012_ApplicableResources or for the entire route by clicking AX2012_RouteFeasibilityButton .
I prefer the “Route feasibility” function as this gives me a grand overview.


The form will show if the route is complete and how many resources that apply. A great feature to keep up with the resource requirements. I hope in the future that this is a place where we can work on resource requirements, but for now it is just a place to get an overview.

Link: Info on the form on MSDN.

Maintain and update resource requirements

There is a great wizard/feature to do mass update to resource requirements on route operations in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. This is a great way to get from static resource planning (resource group or resource) to dynamic resource planning (capability, skill, certificate, title and so on) or to maintain and extend your static or dynamic resource model. For instance if you want to change a single resource in a static model to a new resource or if you want to replace a resource or resource group with a set of capabilities. It is the replacement scenario I will try to show you.

In any of the route forms you will find the “Update resource requirements” on the action menu.

Say you have a resource group that you want to replace with a set of capabilities.

1. Launch the wizard by clicking the menu item.
Notice the route has now route group “C1” as a requirement.

2. Click next in the first page of the wizard

3. Select the set of requirements you want to change.
Note that you can do and exact match or a partial match and be able to only select a single operation if you need to.

4. Select the action you want to be performed for the matches found.

You can do a number of different operations like replace or delete either for only the matched or all requirements on an operations. The scope of the application of the action on what to update is also a very nice feature. You can even update production routes, product builder/configuration routes or hour forecast for projects! Great!

5. Select what to replace the selection with or add

6. Confirm the action before running it

Notice the number of actions that is to perform. That is the scope of the matched records that will be altered.

7. Review your changes
You can see that the requirement for resource group “C1” is now replaced with a set of capability requirements.

So if you want to replace, update, delete or alter any type of resource requirements any place in the solution you can use this tool. I think this is pretty awesome. Have fun!