Resource feasibility

As AX 2012 has a great new way to maintain resource requirements, it can be daunting to keep up with the fact that your resource requirements might not always result in a match with a resource. To handle this we have now the “Route feasibility form” that is used to review this.

You can review each operation in a route by clicking Ax2012_ApplicableResources or for the entire route by clicking AX2012_RouteFeasibilityButton .
I prefer the “Route feasibility” function as this gives me a grand overview.


The form will show if the route is complete and how many resources that apply. A great feature to keep up with the resource requirements. I hope in the future that this is a place where we can work on resource requirements, but for now it is just a place to get an overview.

Link: Info on the form on MSDN.

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