Team Member access


“What can the team user actually do in Operations?”
I’ve been asked this question quite frequently lately, so I’d thought I’ll share my findings with you.

Microsoft calls the Team Member a “Light” users of the system and this is what the user will have access to (Note: This has been changed recently):


The license level is controlled by the security role assigned to each user. To be a Team member License level user it has to be configured only with “Team Member” license level roles or “None”.


Just remember that if you over give a user more privileges then Team, the user automatically will be counted as a Operations user.

The roles available for team member access are:

  • Accounts payable positive payment clerk
  • Contractor
  • Cost object controller
  • Dispatcher
  • Employee
  • Field service technician
  • Guest
  • Project manager – Public Sector
  • Project timesheet user
  • Quality control clerk
  • Retail warehouse clerk
  • System external user
  • System user
  • Test Essensials Role
  • Time registration worker
  • Vendor (External)
  • Vendor admin (External)
  • Waterspider

What it does not include?

A simple task like doing inventory movement journals in the client looks like it requires an Operations level license. You should be able to do inventory movement by using the WHS mobile terminal (not tested).
Entering a simple sales order also requires a full Operations license, but maybe this would be done in the Dynamics 365 Sales application or though a self composed PowerApp, lowering the cost for each head quite significantly.

What does it include?

It means that your user can use all the the terminals in the system. That includes the Retail POS, Retail Store Manager, WHS Mobile, Job card terminal and Job card device. The user can also approve invoices that are on assigned to him/her, fill out both time sheets for Project accounting and Time and attendance as well as do expense reports for Project accounting.
The user can use the full range of employee services features and also use the full features of Case managment, Activities and Tasks. It is also possible to create purchase requisitions, respond to questionnaires, create and maintain your contacts.
The access to Lean Manufacturing execution (Waterspider role) and Service Management features (Field service technician) are also pretty extensive.

The vendor portal roles also falls under the Team Member license.

I would say that is a pretty feature rich application covered by only $4-10 per user.

2 thoughts on “Team Member access

  1. Hi, Fredrik! is licensing for time registration workers (Team members) still he same as of April 2021?
    If so, Do I understand correctly that there is a need for terminal or device itself and it is Device license, than each of time registration users need to be a Team member?
    Does Team member license cover Electronic time card use also?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. The individual terminals will have to be licensed by a device license and if the users have discrete access to the system through personal user accounts (for instance to use Electronic time cards) they would need a team member license as well.

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