AX expences app featured in Build keynote?

I noticed that during the Day 1 keynote that Microsoft did a very brief Cortana meets AX demo! It is in one of the last presentations that it is featured.

The demo shows a Cortana suggestion that is based on an email with a receipt for a taxi ride.


Notice the MS Expenses 2.0 app? According to the presenter, this is the internal app used by Microsoft.

By clicking the app icon the app launches. Powered by Microsoft Dynamics AX.


Cortana feeds the app the Expense report with the data gathered from the receipt.


The expense is filled out completely with Category, date, Comment, amount, currency and a nice little PDF attachment (probably of the document).


So Cortana found an email, saw that it was a receipt and marked it as such, read and populated related fields and then presented the user with the notification/suggestion. That is pretty powerfull…

The presenter goes on to show a other alert by Cortana on an Android phone where he is notified he has a pending travel expense report to send.


That notification must be based on the MS Expenses 2.0 application.


He submits the report at the end and moves on to more Cortana stuff.

(This post was both captured and written on my Lumia 950)


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