AX7 T&A: Job registration

The job registration form (Terminal) is the heart of the time and attendance functionality in my opinion.

If you’re running earlier AX versions there are a couple of things you must be aware of. There are major changes to the UI in AX7 and a lot of the design elements that where used in previous versions are now not available any more. Some forms where specially made to perform certain tasks and where fine tuned over the years. The Job registration form was one of these. These posts are based on the AX7 CTP8 which is a preview and will be subject for change before release and there are both good and bad news, but I believe the bad news are being worked out of the system in the final release.

In general

In AX7 there are two different type of terminals:

Job card Terminal


The Job card Terminal is the good old interface that we know from previous versions, though it is slightly down graded as functionality goes.

This interface is now meant for using on a desktop computer with mouse and keyboard. Though it is fairly usable for the touch screen as well, the buttons / menu actions are a bit small and will require a stirdy hand.

You can access the Job card terminal from Production Control > Manufacturing Execution > Job card Terminal or Common > Common > Time and attendance > Clock in/out (Punch clock)

More on how to set this up in another post.

Job card Device

The Job card Device is a new interface for manufacturing execution. This is basically the same interface concept that Microsoft made in the Modern UI Windows Companion App for AX called “Production Control”. It is a much more touch friendly and is made for the shop floor worker.

This interface is built for the the manufacturing shop floor and is a touch-first interface. It can do almost anything the Job card Terminal can do, but is not as configurable. It will not work with project and project activity jobs.

You can access the Job card Device from Production Control > Manufacturing Execution > Job card Device

More on how to set this up in another post.

Limited Navigation

A cool feature to know about is the general navigation interface can be simplified when though a URL attribute. Open the job card terminal or device and add &limitednav=true to the end of your URL. This will reduce the possibility to navigate to other places in the system (unless someone changes the URL of cause).

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Go to the AX 7 – Time and Attendance guide page


5 thoughts on “AX7 T&A: Job registration

  1. hi,
    I created a production order and released it, and start the job but then delete my production order but the production order still remain in job card terminal with NST-000658 is an invalid job ID error. how can I solve this error?

      1. hi,
        thank you so much for replying.
        I couldn’t found jmgJobTable. can you help to find it?

  2. Hi Fredrik, great post! – how much customisation can be done with the Job Card Device, such as adding a new button and hiding un-wanted buttons, thanks

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