AX7: Setting your initial page


The initial page triggers at three different instances:

  1. Opening your AX URL with no menu item attribute defined (?mi=””)
  2. Closing all open forms in the application (Esc * n)
  3. Clicking the ‘Dynamics AX’ button in the top left corner

The default is sat to your Default Dashboard which shows an overview of your available work spaces, but did you know that there are three more options?

You’ll find it in your user options:


Commerce Essentials

In addition to having the favorites and workspaces (To the right) you have a set of menu items that gives all access to what you need in setting up commerce in AX. Mostly used in retail, but not necessarily so. Can be used by a lot of other functions as well. Remember: You can remove things you don’t want very easily.


System Administration

This is basically just the System administration Work space. Saves the administrator a click every time.


Employee services

This gives direct access to the employee services for the user. Great for the self-service only users.


If the user does not have the employee role however, this is what is shown:

Error message
Then this is what you get…

It is probably not hard to add  other dashboards to this list if you have a decent developer at you disposal either…


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