AX7 – A smart and quick way to run a setup process

First off:

Now to the subject at hand… The Excel quick link process guide template (EQLPGT)!

I found a nice way to create a template to quickly reach menu items without amendments, coding or rummaging through AX 7 menus. It is simple… Yes, the Task recorder is awesome and can guide you in way more detail, but it also requires some more work. If you just need to get to the menu items quickly, then read on. 🙂

This is what you do.
Create an Excel spreadsheet and use the HYPERLINK function to sow together your links.
You need two general parameters: URL and CMP (Legal entity). Give the Excel columns these names to easily referencing them (Write the name in the cell name to the left of the formula bar).

Example: =HYPERLINK(URL&”?cmp=”&CMP&”&mi=”&[Cell],[Cell])

I’ve created a spreadsheet template with some data in it that I hope you will be able to use. Click the image below to download it.



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