AX7 UI is getting even better

Just ran though this Office Mix: and it shows the new UI features coming to AX7 CTP8 and the upcoming release. It looks very nice!

I strongly encourage you to look through it as there are a lot of nice to know things in it.
I highlighted a couple of things that I thought was cool below in this blogpost… and it is almost everything. 🙂 Click continue reading below to look at the highlights.

Love Office Mix by the way…

1.Pinning the Navigation pane and Action panes to screen

2. Area pages

3.A “Form customization toolbar” that is really nice

Import and export functions
Nice and intuitive menu

4.Customizable workspaces (Notice the icons instead of images)

You’ve got the customize menu here as well.
Hide or rename the workspaces.

5. Create new tiles in workspace and pin tiles from workspaces to the dashboard

Create a new tile or list for the workspace.
New option to personalize and pin the tiles.
Promote your tiles to the dashboard for über quick access.

6.Quickly swap between Header and Lines

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

7.Action search with short cut (Alt + Q)

8.Smarter field lookups

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

9.Peek behind dialogues

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

10.New shortcuts

1.Search: Ctrl + / & Alt + G
2.Action search: Alt + Q & Ctrl + –
3.Message bar: Ctrl + F7
4.Default form action: Alt + Enter
5.Filter pane: Ctrl + F3
6.Context menu (right click): Ctrl + F10
7.Navigation pane: Alt + F1

11.Office Excel add-in table lookup

12.Office Export options (SharePoint and OneDrive)

Nice and powerfull browsing to find correct place in SharePoint.
Multiple storage options for Office file generator.

13.Wildcards in column filters

14.Share URL

Are you as excited as I am?

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