Time and attendance (Part 27/31): Payroll statistical groups

Payroll employees are continuously hammered with questions like: How many vacation days do I have left? What is my flex account balance? How many overtime hours do I have so far this period? What is the balance of “this” account?
These data are often presented to the worker on the payroll report or payment slip and at that time often spark a debate with a bunch of employees all at once.

Putting continuously updated account balance information in to the hands of the worker is pretty important as it frees up a lot of time for the payroll employees. Some, but not all, of this info is presented as default in the time and attendance (Paytime, Overtime, Absence and flex). However, you may want to present the worker with other account balances, like vacation for instance.
The way you do this is by grouping together different payroll types in to “Payroll statistical groups”.

The Payroll Statistical Group also has other usages like weighing average balances within a period and I’ll go in to that in a later post, but today we’re just looking at showing balances to end users.

It is a set of accounts that you group together to show a balance, and you can choose if it should show only for the current period (Paytime, Overtime, Bonus that are paid regularly) or the total account balance (Flex and Vacation). The groups are then presented to the worker in a list that you can access in the time and attendance registration form called “Balance”, F1 shortcut in the image below.


Note: The flex account and overtime are displayed in the users status window, but can also be added to this list. Also on the balance overview list you’ll find your standard payment


To set this up you must first set up the entity that group your accounts for a summed balance. Go to Human Resources > Setup > Time and attendance > Payroll > Payroll Statistics.

Create the summary groups for your accounts. “Transfer” means that the account balance for previous periods are accumulated in the view.


Go to “Setup” and add your accounts.


Now choose what balances you want the workers to view in the time and attendance registration form.


That is it! Now you can present any kind of account balances to an employee and ease off many questions to the HR/payroll department.

Good luck!


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