AX7 – Naming paradigme

The New Microsoft Dynamics AX, formerly known as codename Rainier, and then simply AX7 after it’s version number, is just around the corner. According to it is looking to be generally available as soon as March 2016, but what are we going to call it??

It is rumored that the new AX is just going to be called just that: “AX”. Microsoft does like many other companies have done before, and are removing the version number from the name. Like “The new iPad”…

Does this mean that it is the final version of AX and that from now on only improvements to the platform is going to be released? I bet we’ll see a version 8 down the road, but for now I’m happy with the notion that we’re going to have a continuous updated solution on a rapid release plan.

But we have to refer to some kind of version right? Are we going to call it “The new AX”, “The latest AX”, “The final AX”, “AX as a service”? All our customers are on AX. Some on AX 2009 (Version 5) and some on AX 2012 (Version 6), many companies even run version 3. I think I’ll just be calling it AX7 to be clear on what version number we are talking about.

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