AX7 – Employee self service Workspace

Gone is the old and dreaded Enterprise Portal. We welcome the new Employee Self Service workspace!

It is pretty nice and gives a great overview of all your needs and requirements.


It looks nice and is a very informative dashboard experience.

It shows a picture and some contact information to the far left. You can also here enter your own information and keep it up to date. Addresses, Contact information, Picture, Personal contacts (ICEs ++) and identification numbers like Social security numbers and so on.


Under the section of My information you find:

  • Work items assigned to you.
  • An overview with a small status update on your expenses with a quick add function.
  • Your Timesheets.
  • Certificates that are about to expire
  • Internal discussions and meetings
  • Performance goal status and tracking
  • Latest updated skills
  • Compensations has a nice show/hide function in case a co-worker is looking over your shoulder.

Under Company information you’ll find the company directory with all the contact information to your co-workers and an overview of open jobs within the company which one could quickly apply to.

Under Additional information there are links to several more forms regarding you as an employee.

This looks very nice and will move a lot of data entry work from HR to the employee them selves.

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