Time and Attendance (Special): Adding new menu items

As the JobRegistration form is pretty special and is über configurable, you have to do some magic to add new menu items to it.
Don’t just go ahead and add new buttons directly to the form it self as this can mess it up. You should to add the new buttons to the configuration tool so you can select them and handle them as any other configurable button.

Here’s the quick guide:

  • Add new element to Enum.JmgSignInButtonFunction
  • Add functions to Class.JmgRegistrationForm
Example for a menu item for printing labels:
  • Create a new menu item that is to run the action
    (Remember to find a smashing icon to go with it)
  • In Class.jmgMESClientSelection
    • Add the enum element to case switch in buttonFunction2MenuItemStr
    • Add the new menu item in the case switch buttonFunction2MenuItemType
    • Add the method string return in menuItemStr2MethodName

Thank you Dag Arild for helping on this one.

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