Time and attendance (Part 20/31): Advanced pay agreement delimitation

You want to create as much automation in creating payment lines as you possible can and in some cases it does get quite complicated.
As covered earlier in “Time and Attendance (Part 8/31): Pay agreements Delimitation” you can do standard delimitations on one or a combinantion of several different types of parameters like profile settings, job settings, employee compatancies, time and attendance parameters and more. But in some cases you need more then one or an and/or scenario of delimitations or in some cases you want to use other parameters from the referenced post like the absence group or Project type. That is where the Advanced delimitations come in to play. Using this there are virtualy no limitations to the configurations you can do.

You can find the “delimitations” setup under the pay agreement lines form at the top.


There are eight different types of classes for delimitations available and you can create you own or update these if needed.

  • Certificates
  • Skils
  • Absence codes
  • Aktivities
  • Profile table
  • Activities in Projects
  • Projects
  • Operations

You can create combinations of multiple delimitation classes for one pay agreement line.

First pick the class you want in the overview grid.

Then in the conditions at the bottom of the screen you create your own little set of Advanced conditions. The example I’ve created here is based on the Absence class.


Pick from any of the transactional data or the referenced post, so there are A LOT of options here.


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