Time and Attendance (Part 1/31): Get started

Time and attendance is a very flexible solution for registering attendance and absence as well as manufacturing execution and realtime project feedback. attendance screen This is a pretty big setup job if done correctly, so the next couple of days I’ll be posting the way to set up the Time and Attendance module. You can however get started right away! Following these steps will get you to start registering time clocking in and out. The setup is done by entering Human resources > Setup > Time and Attendace.

  • First you need to run the configuration wizard under Wizards. This will create the required setting like system jobs in indirect activities (clock in/out, wait time, abort pause and more), terminal configurations and profile types.
  • Go to profiles and set up a profile single. This define the workers actual working times. You do not need to enter anything in to the profiles, but you need atleast to create a blank one for setting the required parameters on a user.
  • Under Groups: Create a profile group, calculation group and approval group.
  • Go to the employees, go to the Time and attendance pane and activate the user from the Time and attendance pane. Fill inn all the required Fields.

You can now clock in and out using the employeeId. Start the registration form under Home > Common > Time and attendance > Clock in/out (Punch clock) This is the bare minimum to actually start registering attendance. Cool thing is… If you’re only looking for the attendance part of the solution you can start punching time and do the rest of the setup later.

Time and Attendance (Part 02/31): General parameters