Quick Tip: New warehouse app and scaling

Supply chain and warehouse management guru, fellow countryman, fellow MVP and part time Pied piper Kurt Hatlevik just posted about the new warehouse app for Dynamics 365 for Operations. Read it here!

What a nice menu. Click for full image.

You can also check out the setup procedure from the AX Wiki here: https://ax.help.dynamics.com/en/wiki/install-and-configure-dynamics-365-for-operations-warehousing/

Now I played around with it a bit and I have to say I really like it and I’m so excited to see the nice interface and how intuitive and informative it is.

I did come across a neat little nicety while testing it, and that is the fact that you can adjust the font and layout size. This can be set so that you have all information on a single pane of glass and not be required to swap tabs to find info about the object you’re scanning.

Instead of this:

Notice the tabs on top?

You get this:

View all the data!

Doesn’t that look great on my Lumia 950?!

Just go to Display settings and adjust the Layout to 0,5 and flip your phone horizontal.

Change the settings here... Click for full image size.

Not rocket science, but still nice to know…

Subscribe to the Dynamics Podcast and look forward to us getting Markus Fogelberg from Microsoft on to talk to us about the new app in the beginning of February!

10 thoughts on “Quick Tip: New warehouse app and scaling

  1. Hi Fredrik,

    If you are interested, I wanted to share a brief (20 min) Mix reviewing the app (did it just before the release based on Markus’ Demo, actually). Hope it does cover the basic info about the app and how it looks/feels. The extended screen looks really great, noticed it on a laptop.

    1. If you have access to the group already, you can find it in the Announcements.
      I shared it with you on Yammer )

  2. The app is released now, so anyone could see and take the same screenshots, that’s why I shared it outside the group now. Or do you mean the fact of demo itself?

  3. I’ve been able to get the Warehousing mobile app on my Android phone (Samsung S7) but can’t get it to scan in values. Have you been able to connect entry in transaction fields to a smart phone’s scan function somehow?

    1. Not yet. The scanning window is a place holder for now. Will probably work in the future, but for now you would need to punch data manually or attach a Bluetooth scanner.

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