Default order setting on items has changed

I was setting up for a demo and I noticed that there has been a minor change in the way that you setup your default order settings.

Comparison from Dynamics AX 7 and Dynamics 365 for Operations

The site specific order settings are now gone and now are now merged with the default order settings and it has now got a “Rank” of the settings.


Rank 0 has the ability to add a default site. This is the record similar to the old “Default order settings”. “Site specific settings” in earlier versions are now the new records with different ranks in this list.


Not a major change, but it did put me off a bit… and it is nice to not have to go to multiple screens as well as I would imagine that the ranking can be used for supply chain management in some way shape of form.

Please comment if you have additional information.

7 thoughts on “Default order setting on items has changed

    1. I can see that it talks about the rank. However I can’t seem to understand the use for this as you can not have duplicate entries for a dimension. At what time would one rule overshadow another? I might just be me having a logical seizure.
      Also try adding a new record for one site and add the warehouses. Then go change the site and try saving it. 🙂

  1. If you’re not using Product Dimensions, rank is rather redundant. But if you’re using Product Dimensions.. well the help explains it quite well at the section ‘Specific order settings for product dimension’.

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