AX7 T&A: Document groups

When working on the Job card terminal or Job card device you are able to access attachments to the orders you’re working on. This is done by clicking the attachment button/menu item.

Job card terminal attachments button.
Job card device Attachment/Instructions button

This is done by configuring the Document Groups (Production Control > Setup > Document Groups).

Simply add a new record, select the document types and add the users who will view the different documents.

AX7_TA_DocumentGroupsYou might want to create different Document groups for different individuals if they are supposed to read different instructions or documents.

Selecting “Reading required” in the document types section will prompt the user with a dialogue when starting the production.

All done!

The system will now look on the production order as well as on the item to aggregate the attachments!

When opening the attachments in the job card forms you will get this nice view:

Attachment lookup with preview! Looks nice!


Go to the AX 7 – Time and Attendance guide page

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