AX7 T&A: Approve registrations

After calculation is done the next step is to do an approval. This is found at Time and attendance > Review and approve > Approve. All the T&A activated workers are members of an approval group and this should preferably be grouped at a management or executive level.
The approval process is very much like the calculation process and the approver can also perform the calculation steps on the approval form. Smaller companies might only use this level of control and skip the calculation process all together.


The approval action is:

  • Control if the correct pay agreement is set, change this to another type or override it.
  • Create and approve manual premiums
  • Perform the Transfer of the time registrations to payroll, projects and Production. (This might be a step of its own)


You can click the approve checkbox on the time registration journal line to perform an approval for one single worker or click Update > Approve in the top menu to do it for the entire approval group. If some lines are not calculated the calculation action is automatically performed.

After the Update > Approve action is performed you can also filter out the journals with errors in them to by clicking Display errors in the top menu.

Override of the pay agreements can be done in the same manor that profiles. Check the previous post for more information on how to do this.

The Premium transactions can be created manually or could be generated from a pay agreement.
You want to create as much automation in creating payment lines, but it’s not always possible. So for that rare event that creates some type of special payment this kept track of manualy and then entered in here. You could add it in the payroll system, but I believe that everything should be created from AX Time and attendance. Nothing should be added in the payroll system.


The list you select from is configured by going to the Manual premiums form at Time and attendance > Setup > Payroll > Manual premiums.


When the time registration journals are approved the next step is to transfer. This action transfers the changes in time journal lines to the perspective production orders and create the Project time journals as well as create the payroll pay type transactions.

You can click the transfer check box on the time journal header for one worker or click Update > Transfer in the top menu to perform the action for all the workers in the approval group. If journals are not calculated or approved yet, these actions will be performed as well. Clicking the transfer check box (or any of the calculate or approval check box) after it has been checked will reverse the previous actions.

When transfer is performed the lines of the journal dissapear from the form. No worries. You can view them by clicking Inquiry > Transferred registrations in the top menu.


You can also check the pay types generated by clicking Inquiry > Pay items.
The Pay items are created, but not yet transfered to the Payroll system. This is done in a separate action. When transferred the pay items are checked with the “transferred to pay” flag.



It would be tedious to run though all the approval groups with date and time to control if the  calculation, approval and transfer is done.  In the “Calculation and approval status” form you can easily get an overview of this. Go to Time and attendance > Inquiries and reports > Calculation and approval status and enter your criteria for the selection.


The grid will show the status of all records grouped by the combinations of calculation groups and approval groups.


In the example above you can see that 21.02 is only calculated and 22.02 is completely transferred while the rest of the days has to be handled. Now you can quickly go to the approval or calculate window by clicking the Approve or Calculate in the action menu on top of the form to do so.

Go to the AX 7 – Time and Attendance guide page

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