AX7 T&A: Job card device

The Job card Device form is designed for a touch friendly experience and have a limit to the configurability.

It consists of three main areas:

  • Job action
  • Job information
  • User Action


You can configure the Job card Device under
Time and attendance > Setup > Configure job card > Configure job card for devices or
Production control > Setup > Manufacturing Execution > Configure job card for devices.


Report quantity at clock-out gives the user a dialogue for feedback when clocking out.

Lock employee means that the user can authenticate once and start and report on the terminal without being presented the login screen again. They have to select the “Leaving” button and then “Log out” to change user. The terminal then returns to the login screen awaiting a new user credentials.

Barcode scanner puts a generic job input field named “Scan job card” in the bottom of the “Job action” column, that can be used to read the Job ID in to. This field is always first to be in focused (cursor active) when the form loads.

Use the actual time of registration gives an option only do full time registration or only start and report as finished journals.

Single user will only log in with the current active users employee credentials and stays logged in as this user.

Allow workers to set personal filters will show the button where the users can change the filter for the job selection.

You can set a Default device filter for the Production unit, Resource group and Resource.

Assigned users will allow the logged in users to log on to the Job card Device. It is required to be assigned, if not an error will appear.


The Job card terminal can be used if you still want to get your time registered. 🙂

Go to the AX 7 – Time and Attendance guide page

5 thoughts on “AX7 T&A: Job card device

  1. Hi Fredrik, your guides are very helpful. We are wondering if we can create the following setup within AX7 using standard features and how:

    – Employees will have barcodes printed on their ID cards from AX7

    – An attendance collector (with scan only permissions) will go out to the worksite daily and scan the employee ID barcodes using a mobile device. Employee attendance/timesheet will be updated automatically.

    – All attendance records will be managed by a supervisor (ex. Updating past abscence reason, updating days worked, etc.)

    Your help will be much appreciated. Especially regarding how to scan ID card barcodes from a mobile device.


    1. Hi,
      These are all standard features.
      ID badges are ready to print.
      The attendance collector is a bit convoluted, but you can use the clock in / out (no default standard area setup for a terminal configuration) feature for this.
      Approval features is there with everything you require.

  2. Can we configure such a way that a User/operator can start two jobs one after other in different screens and end later(after actual job is completed). can we configure this

    1. You would use the bundeling functionality (activated on or by the user) to start another job as you still are working on the first. So you just add the new job to your active work. Clocking out you can report on both jobs individually, so you can stop one or both. You can even change the time if you clock out too late. The time stamps for the registration is based on the current feed back. You can change the stamped time as a manager or in the time sheets.

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