Flushing principles

I’ve had some questions from customers on how to utilize the flushing principles, so I want to try and explain it as simple as I can.

Flushing principles are settings that tell the system when to automatically deduct your BOM items during manufacturing. When executing manufacturing actions in AX you can decide to use flushing principle, always (All items) or never (No items). This way you can pull some BOM lines at different stages of production. But keep in mind what setting you use, so you don’t pull your materials multiple times or none at all.

There are three settings for a flushing principle: Start, End and Manual.

Start pulls your items on start actions. These are: Start production or start operation.

End pulls your items on end actions. These are: End operation or report as finished.

Manual won’t be pulled automatically at any manufacturing actions, but must be manually picked through a production picking list being manually posted.


Again: Be aware on how your manufacturing actions are set up to handle posting of journals.

This also applies to your route operations, cause you can apply the same concept to them as well. This is based on the route group settings.

Now go out and get some sun! 🌞


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