AX7 – Personalize forms (First look)

Updated: (24.12.2015) Found out how to add a new field!

In the interface you can personalize how the fields and menu items in the form. You access the options by right clicking on the field or menu item you want to personalize and selecting “Personalize: “.


This pops up a configuration windows that is tethered to the field you want to personalize.


You can rename the field, hide it, skip the field in the Tab sequence and select if it is editable or not.

It is possible to move the field right or left. In a structured form setting (not grid).


You can move a field anywhere in the Tab, but it is restricted to the confines of the Tab.


The “Clear personalization options” resets the label and check boxes to standard, but it does not put the field back in it’s place. Then you probably would need to delete your user form data or reset the entire grid.

Adding a new field

This took some figuring out, because I clicked in the fields and wanted to add a field, but that didn’t work. To find this option you have to click to the right of the form or on the checkbox on the table header.


Click the “Personalize: Grid”. This opens a dialogue on the top of the form. It overshoots my screen by one field, but this is the “Hide” field, and you probably don’t want to click that anyway.


Clicking the “+ Add a field” opens a dialogue to the right of the page.


I added a field from an added data source and not the top table. This issue had a weird effect in AX 2012, but it seems to work in this version. Nice!



Form information

Clicking “Form Information” opens a dialogue box to the right of the screen with some info.


One of the nice things is that you can see the SQL Query in this form.

Sharing between users

There are some interesting import/export options here which are used to share configurations between users.

The user sets up a form the way they want and exports this. The result is like this:


The XML contains all the changes to the form. This is then imported by another user and the changes are applied.



2 thoughts on “AX7 – Personalize forms (First look)

  1. Is it possible to move fields around via drag and drop in the grid view? When I try to do it, I get a huge orange box which cannot be “dropped” anywhere. Is this normal? Have MS fixed all grid views in AX7?

    1. Hi David,
      Yes. It is possible to move the objects around in the grid in a “Simple” way, but it isn’t that intuitive. First you need to get to the column and mark it. It will get a dashed line around it when you do. Then use the arrow keys to move it to the desired location. You’ll see a yellow border on the grid headers.

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