I’ve gathered a couple of URL attributes that can be used in AX 7.

These small trinkets kan be put in to the URL and can call different features of the application. These are the parameters you see after the question mark in your URL. The Attributes are divided by amper sign (&).
Like: http://www.myAX7.com/?cmp=USMF&mi=DefaultDashboard

I want to compile this as a reference list and add several tips to how you can actually use these attributes when working with AX.

Description Syntax Example Tip
Legal entity cmp=[LegalEntity] cmp=USMF Tip
Menu item mi=[MenuItem] mi=DefaultDashboard Tip
Limited navigation limitednav=true Tip
Client debug mode debug=develop Tip
Mobile mode mode=Mobile
Trial mode mode=trial Tip
Time stamp ?t=2016-02-17T07%3A14%3A14.7456090Z Tip
Language ?lng=en-us Tip